Mini Mani Miracle

The other day I was in desperate need of a manicure. Due to a busy work schedule, time ran away from me, and I called the nail salon mid-week to schedule the appointment. Unfortunately, when I reached the receptionist, she informed me that there were no Saturday or Sunday appointments available for the week. I was disappointed as I had my heart set on Saturday morning at 11 am. I booked my manicure for the next best time which, was Friday at 5:30 pm. I was flexible and agreed to the new date and time.

The rest of my week was consumed by work. The week flew by but, in my mind, I kept picturing myself at the salon on Saturday at 11 am. I imagined what I would do in the morning before my appointment. I told myself I would get a coffee at Starbucks before. I thought about the color I would choose, sitting in the beautiful chairs, chatting with the manicurist. Friday comes and, I have the same thoughts. I ended up working later than I planned and, 5:30 came and went. I never went to the salon. It never registered in my mind that I had an appointment at 5:30. The salon never called me to ask me if I was coming to my scheduled appointment. Instead, I worked, had dinner, watched TV, spoke on the phone with friends and, kept believing that my manicure was planned for Saturday at 11 am.

Saturday arrives. I wake up, get dressed, drive to my appointment. I walk into the salon stating that I have an appointment at 11 and who I had scheduled with. The receptionist said you are not in the appointment book.

She asked the two ladies I requested if they will take my appointment. They said yes, they needed to wrap up their current client and then will be able to accommodate me.
I was able to get my coffee before my appointment and have my manicure, although I was told that there were no appointments available during the weekend.

I realize that I had manifested easily what I had wanted, a manicure at 11 am on Saturday. I forgot the fact that there was no availability when I called to schedule. That detail slipped my mind. I believed that I would have my appointment. I never doubted it. I also did not think about the opposite of my desire. There was no self-doubt, no pessimistic scenario, no plan b, no thoughts other than I have an appointment at 11 am on Saturday.

I am sharing this funny example of the power of our thoughts and beliefs. I finally attracted what I want and had the appointment align with my strong desire and faith. I finally focused only on what I want and not what I do not wish for.

Wishing you a mini mani miracle or any miracle you choose.

Keep on seeking! Keep on Dreaming!

Seize your Moments of Joy and Wonder

As spring is nearing an end, we are reminded of the brevity of life.
I dreamt that I was driving down the city streets, and among the high rises and buildings were the most beautiful cherry trees with long sweeping boughs laden with plump blossoms causing the branches to bend towards the ground. The blooms were a variety of colors ranging from light pink, bright pink, mauve to red. These colors are not usually associated with pale pink or white cherry blossoms. The variety of colors were stunning and made me stop and take notice of what I was beholding.

Curious about the dream symbolism, I searched for the potential meaning in an online dream dictionary.

In the dream dictionary, cherry blossoms symbolize two main themes.

Per the online dream dictionary,, the definition is below.

Cherry Blossom Tree

To see a cherry blossom tree in your dream symbolizes feminine power, beauty, and love. The dream may be telling you that you can be both strong and delicate at the same time. Alternatively, dreaming of a cherry blossom tree symbolizes mortality. It may also be a reminder that life is short and to take advantage of what life has to offer.

As a strong woman, I already identify feminine as beautiful and powerful.

I intuitively felt that the exquisite beauty and vibrant colors of the dream cherry blossoms were a reminder of how fleeting life is and that it is time to enjoy life more than working to support it. I have focused too much on my career and meeting other people’s deadlines and objectives. I must be careful to not overlook the milestones of my life.

This dream was a powerful wake-up call for me to start reducing my hours at work and make time for joy, laughter, love, and new adventures.

I hope you are making time to live for yourself and show up for yourself and your loved ones in meaningful ways.

Searching for happiness?

“What you seek is also seeking you.” Rumi, 13th-century poet.

I came across this famous quote from Rumi that reminded me of our power to create our world and manifest our dreams. In short, to create happiness because we are creators. It also confirms that no matter what we call something, this spiritual wisdom is ancient and universal. Rumi’s insightful observation predates modern concepts of the Law of Attraction and the power of thought. However, the tenet illuminates that all of these spiritual concepts are linked, universal and timeless. These ideas guide us to connect our thoughts, intentions, faith, and emotions towards what we desire. We need all the elements aligned within ourselves to create the goal, actualize it into reality.

Many of us seek the tools to align our thoughts, feelings, energy, and faith towards our goals and wishes. Focus is challenging due to the myriad of activities that divide our attention, such as work, family, and health. The answer is to go within through meditation while focusing on what we want more often than what bothers and upsets us. Also, we need to find ways to neutralize or minimize our anger, doubts, and fears.

Therefore, let us direct our thoughts, feelings, intentions and bind them with faith, the magic of belief, to bring forth our desired outcomes. We need to remember that if something does not appear as one hoped for, then perhaps it was paving the way for a better result. Stay open to possibilities. Do not confine yourself to only one way your desire can manifest. Remember, the principles work regardless of the quality of our thoughts. Therefore, we must be careful about what we think of and dwell on. Whatever has our attention is what we are aligning and attracting (negative or positive). When you see this famous quote, it is a reminder of your great power to create the happiness you seek.

Keep on seeking! Keep on dreaming!

Lake Hollywood Reservoir

Stop and Sip the Rose Latte

The other day I was stressed out about work, tired, and frustrated by the issues I face daily at the office. I work for a large company with a distinct organizational culture. It can be challenging to navigate this company successfully and meet deadlines. I decided to have lunch with a friend to get some fresh air. Afterward, we stopped at an adorable cafe to have a decadent treat, a rose latte.
Miraculously this drink shifted my mood from negative to positive quickly. I squealed with delight as I looked at the pretty beverage. As I sipped the drink, tension melted away. This white chocolate latte had the subtle taste of rose and was beautifully decorated with a mountain of whipped cream and had a mini pink dried rose placed in the center. It was sprinkled with finely ground pistachio and rose. The subtle hint of rose wafted by my nose each time I lifted the cup to take a sip. The adage, stop and smell the roses, can be interchanged with stop and enjoy a latte (insert your drink), a rose latte. This simple activity refocused my thoughts onto something pleasant and changed my mood.
I need to add this to the arsenal of tools next time I feel overwhelmed by negativity. This rose latte helped me reach for a better feeling thought, that per the book the Law of Attraction, is essential for manifesting what you desire. We need to feel our way to our desires. A general feeling can neutralize a negative one and increase your attraction point to what you want. Therefore, reducing the energy towards what we don’t want. As we know, it is easy to focus on things that bother us and continue that downward spiral of feelings. Currently, many of us are unable to sit in a restaurant or café. A latte to go or delivered can still do the trick, as we sip and enjoy our favorite latte and remember how great it feels to have one in a beautiful place with our friends. Cheers!

Picture of rose latte, Utopia Latte from Utopia Café located at the Tustin District, Tustin, California. GO ahead, stop in and have a treat.


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