Table for One by author Tristana Webster tells the story of a multi-racial woman (half-Black/half-Vietnamese) born at the end of the Vietnam War. As a child, she experiences abandonment as her mother walked away without ever looking back. After the shock and grief of desertion, Webster and her younger brother, live in an orphanage until they are adopted by an American family residing in a small New England town. Upon her arrival, she must learn to make sense of a world where she is an outsider. In her search to belong and be loved/love, her world comes crashing down as a series of bad choices catch up with her. Amid a crisis, she enters a Dark Night of the Soul and has to deal with her most painful fears or suffer the unpleasant consequences. As she examines what brought her to this desolate place, she finds teachers, healers, and books. She shares the life lessons and insights she has learned on her journey to love. The secret she uncovers is that self-love is the prize. Our heroine is both Prince Charming and Cinderella in her own story. She has the power to heal and reach for her dreams herself. She shares her failures and triumphs to light the way for anyone who faces the Dark Night of the Soul. This story is a modern-day “Eat Love Pray” and is an enchanting biography that will make you stand up and cheer again for the Journey to Self-Love and Rediscovery. Simply put, this story is an eloquent masterpiece in the making. 

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