Oops, I did it again!

I was on a roll. I felt like things were going smoothly, which made me feel good. I knew I was on a good streak. Conversations were easy without any miss understandings. I’m on track with work. I kept all of my workout promises to myself. Can I say miracle!! I received a lot of fantastic feedback about my book and felt elated.

Then something and someone upset me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I performed a mental autopsy of the causes for the behavior. You know that thing some of us do. Where we dissect a person, their motives, background, statements, choices. Then, like a surgeon, we cut away at every word. Stripping layer by layer, trying to see the absolute truth of the situation and identify the signs we missed pointing to our current realization and disappointment.

I believe that it’s okay and human nature to discuss things that bother us. However, we need to let it go and always keep that to a minimum. We cannot dwell on it because it blocks and delays our good. Therefore, if we cannot be disinterested in the negative, we need to replace it.

How? Why? What? Are you thinking that too? I sometimes pull Angel cards. Each card has a saying which should address the question you asked before selecting the card. For example, sometimes I pick the card that says: Let It Go.

I used to be annoyed to see that, but now I had an epiphany and understood it. It means to stop thinking about something, give it a rest. Place your focus on something enjoyable instead. It can be anything but stop your negative thoughts and, therefore, a downward energy spiral.

This Misconception about the advice to let it go has opened my eyes. The new understanding has clicked.

Now I know to stop. Redirect my thoughts and feelings towards what I want. Maybe something simple like a cupcake or a vision about something I desire, like a vacation or of course a fabulous purse, shoes or jewelry, oh my!

Daydream about the possibilities without any limitations. Have fun. We will know when we let go of the item we focused on when we see that we are in the flow and good things happen quickly.

Keep on seeking! Keep on dreaming!

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