Failures are Successes in Disguise

Failure has been my ultimate teacher. At first, you try the same responses and patterns of behavior to cope/fix the problem. Then as no positive movement occurs, you are forced to reflect on how did I get here? What can I do to improve this situation? The famous quote from Albert Einstein reminds us that the definition of “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” The book Table for One, a story about the journey to self-love, is based on personal failures and mistakes. It explores the process when one recognizes the shortcomings that are consistently appearing in ones’ life and the ownership of those issues.

Once accountable, understanding that actual changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors will be required to move the situation from negative to positive. I am shining the light on my personal blunders and erroneous ideas and expectations in relationships, finances, friendships, and career to show that the outcome can be different/better than initially imagined. I am sharing this personal glimpse into my life to entertain and provide examples for inspiration. When I was going through my most painful challenges and issues, I felt lost and unable to articulate my pain. I did not know what I needed. All I knew was that I could not continue to live in fear and chaos and had to fix real problems or possibly lose my home and my livelihood.

Let’s reexamine those areas in our life where we have been unsuccessful and ashamed. Let’s stop the old dialogue in our head that reprimands and judges us. Instead, let’s imagine anything that makes you feel good immediately. Then change your thoughts, believe that the situation can be better, and align your actions towards the new expectations. Watch for signs of improvement. That’s what I share in the story Table for One, a story about the journey to self-love. Check out the story to see the examples (Amazon).

Keep on seeking, keep on dreaming! Do not be afraid of failure; it’s just the beginning of your story.

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