Feel Halloween Candy Rich!

It’s that time of year, where the seasons change, the air starts to chill. School has started, and everything pumpkin spice and all that’s nice is available. Can I say pumpkin spice lattes and cinnamon-scented candles? In many regions, the fall leaves change color to those beautiful yellow, gold, orange, and dark red hues.

I thought of a creative way to help you reach for a better feeling thought. To help you visualize and affirm abundance. Think yourself Halloween candy rich! Remember when you were young (I apologize if this thread is not relatable, I know many countries do not celebrate Halloween, try to imagine a childhood experience where you received sweets effortlessly). Remember when we would dress up in a costume? It did not matter if it was homemade or store-bought. When you are young, the act of dressing up and trick or treating is a thrill. You take on a new persona hiding behind a mask of your choosing. You get to choose your character. You can be cute, silly, scary. You get to fill your bag, plastic pumpkin, or pillowcase with FREE candy. Of course, you expect to have fun and get your fair share of candy. There is no doubt about your candy empire’s success. You know where to go in the neighborhood or which neighborhood to find your candy pile. You confidently attract the best candy by being your scariest, silliest, or cutest self. Do you remember how you would lose your mind when you received a FULL-Size candy bar? How satisfied and unexpected that felt? How you would dance with pure joy at the end of the night as you sort and count through your pile of loot? Candy to a child is the same as GOLD. Frankly, I still love candy and feel like it’s gold (thus a few extra pounds), but I digress.

That is the feeling I want you to have, the Halloween Candy Rich feeling. The belief is that the candy is precious and belongs to you effortlessly. The treats come to you when you are having fun. The candy is a metaphor for abundance. When you trick or treat, you ask and receive, naturally following the Law of Attraction. Tap into that feeling when you feel nervous or anxious about money or a situation. Relax, have fun, have faith that everything will work out for you because it always does.

Keep on seeking! Keep on dreaming!

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