Seize your Moments of Joy and Wonder

As spring is nearing an end, we are reminded of the brevity of life.
I dreamt that I was driving down the city streets, and among the high rises and buildings were the most beautiful cherry trees with long sweeping boughs laden with plump blossoms causing the branches to bend towards the ground. The blooms were a variety of colors ranging from light pink, bright pink, mauve to red. These colors are not usually associated with pale pink or white cherry blossoms. The variety of colors were stunning and made me stop and take notice of what I was beholding.

Curious about the dream symbolism, I searched for the potential meaning in an online dream dictionary.

In the dream dictionary, cherry blossoms symbolize two main themes.

Per the online dream dictionary,, the definition is below.

Cherry Blossom Tree

To see a cherry blossom tree in your dream symbolizes feminine power, beauty, and love. The dream may be telling you that you can be both strong and delicate at the same time. Alternatively, dreaming of a cherry blossom tree symbolizes mortality. It may also be a reminder that life is short and to take advantage of what life has to offer.

As a strong woman, I already identify feminine as beautiful and powerful.

I intuitively felt that the exquisite beauty and vibrant colors of the dream cherry blossoms were a reminder of how fleeting life is and that it is time to enjoy life more than working to support it. I have focused too much on my career and meeting other people’s deadlines and objectives. I must be careful to not overlook the milestones of my life.

This dream was a powerful wake-up call for me to start reducing my hours at work and make time for joy, laughter, love, and new adventures.

I hope you are making time to live for yourself and show up for yourself and your loved ones in meaningful ways.

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