Searching for happiness?

“What you seek is also seeking you.” Rumi, 13th-century poet.

I came across this famous quote from Rumi that reminded me of our power to create our world and manifest our dreams. In short, to create happiness because we are creators. It also confirms that no matter what we call something, this spiritual wisdom is ancient and universal. Rumi’s insightful observation predates modern concepts of the Law of Attraction and the power of thought. However, the tenet illuminates that all of these spiritual concepts are linked, universal and timeless. These ideas guide us to connect our thoughts, intentions, faith, and emotions towards what we desire. We need all the elements aligned within ourselves to create the goal, actualize it into reality.

Many of us seek the tools to align our thoughts, feelings, energy, and faith towards our goals and wishes. Focus is challenging due to the myriad of activities that divide our attention, such as work, family, and health. The answer is to go within through meditation while focusing on what we want more often than what bothers and upsets us. Also, we need to find ways to neutralize or minimize our anger, doubts, and fears.

Therefore, let us direct our thoughts, feelings, intentions and bind them with faith, the magic of belief, to bring forth our desired outcomes. We need to remember that if something does not appear as one hoped for, then perhaps it was paving the way for a better result. Stay open to possibilities. Do not confine yourself to only one way your desire can manifest. Remember, the principles work regardless of the quality of our thoughts. Therefore, we must be careful about what we think of and dwell on. Whatever has our attention is what we are aligning and attracting (negative or positive). When you see this famous quote, it is a reminder of your great power to create the happiness you seek.

Keep on seeking! Keep on dreaming!

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