Stop and Sip the Rose Latte

The other day I was stressed out about work, tired, and frustrated by the issues I face daily at the office. I work for a large company with a distinct organizational culture. It can be challenging to navigate this company successfully and meet deadlines. I decided to have lunch with a friend to get some fresh air. Afterward, we stopped at an adorable cafe to have a decadent treat, a rose latte.
Miraculously this drink shifted my mood from negative to positive quickly. I squealed with delight as I looked at the pretty beverage. As I sipped the drink, tension melted away. This white chocolate latte had the subtle taste of rose and was beautifully decorated with a mountain of whipped cream and had a mini pink dried rose placed in the center. It was sprinkled with finely ground pistachio and rose. The subtle hint of rose wafted by my nose each time I lifted the cup to take a sip. The adage, stop and smell the roses, can be interchanged with stop and enjoy a latte (insert your drink), a rose latte. This simple activity refocused my thoughts onto something pleasant and changed my mood.
I need to add this to the arsenal of tools next time I feel overwhelmed by negativity. This rose latte helped me reach for a better feeling thought, that per the book the Law of Attraction, is essential for manifesting what you desire. We need to feel our way to our desires. A general feeling can neutralize a negative one and increase your attraction point to what you want. Therefore, reducing the energy towards what we don’t want. As we know, it is easy to focus on things that bother us and continue that downward spiral of feelings. Currently, many of us are unable to sit in a restaurant or café. A latte to go or delivered can still do the trick, as we sip and enjoy our favorite latte and remember how great it feels to have one in a beautiful place with our friends. Cheers!

Picture of rose latte, Utopia Latte from Utopia Café located at the Tustin District, Tustin, California. GO ahead, stop in and have a treat.

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